Pardon the mess

I got really fed up with my old template – or perhaps it is a bug that caused the issue? My entire blog links in the sidebar vanished again. Inexplicably. If I am not mistaken, this is the fifth time it happened this year alone and it’s driving me nuts.


So I decided, in as much as I love my blog header (I made it myself!huhuhu), I have decided to do a template make-over and the new one looks like it won’t be needing it. Fine, as long as my blog links are okay, I’m willing to trade my precious header for that. I might use it again one day, who knows, so I’ll just keep it somewhere safe for now.


As you can see, the new template is now in place, however,  it is far from being complete yet. I still need to do a bit of code-tweaking to have the kind of “blog look” that I want. There are still a lot of codes to tweak, but they’re minor ones, so I’m going to make this slow and sweet. Although I don’t mind putting all 50+ links again, it is a very tedious chore, and very time consuming, too. But because I love you all, dear friends, so I’m going to put it back again.


Whatever links I have there is what I have managed to saved in a file  and is not the complete list. So please excuse me if your blog is not in the current list yet.  Instead of going postal, kindly leave your links in the comment section if you still want to be included, or, send me a message via the contact form that you can find under the pages section on the sidebar.

2 thoughts on “Pardon the mess

  1. Hi there! I am trying to &quot;catch up&quot; on comments, it has been hectic here (the reason I chose pardon the mess! lol). 3 kids, birthday season (I swear 20 or so bdays in 2 months), and some crafts that I want to finish soon! Plus it&#39;s raining again, and I don&#39;t want to do chores. lol. How about you?<br />Hugs!

  2. Shaunna… I&#39;m with you on the chores part. As for my case, it gets worst whenever I&#39;m PMS-ing! LOL. I hope your busy days will clear up soon so you&#39;ll have some R and R time for yourself. Thanks for taking time, appreciate it.

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