Tomorrow will be the 31st of the month and the next day we will be into the second month of the year. How time flies. And you know what, while I was queuing at the Post Office for postage stamps, I overheard two lady barangs (foreigners) standing at the claims counter for international parcels and talking about Valentine’s and celebrating it here in Cambodia.

There was a discernible excitement in their voices and, from what I’ve heard, one is expecting a set of lingerie bodystockings she bought online. She, the owner, was very animated with a hint of naughtiness in describing the items she chose for herself. They were both giggling like teenagers. I smiled at what I heard; they probably mistook everyone at the Post Office as locals so they weren’t so privy about their thoughts. Hahaha. I know it is not ethical to  eavesdrop on someone else’s conversation but I couldn’t help it. The two were talking, in English, in a room full of people who they thought were non-English speakers. Be careful, ladies.

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