Night lights in Iraqi skies

It’s been quiet here for awhile and it’s because I was down with a nasty cold virus. It felt like a thousand monkeys dancing to the tune of techno-music in my head, and my nose — my nose was dripping with you-don’t-wanna-know-what substance, like water to Niagara falls! YUCK. I know.
So I dropped everything like a hot potato and gladly took a respite. Tissue paper became my new BFF – best friend forever – while I was dealing with the sniffles, I rummaged through my postcards box and to my horror, found a postcard that I received long ago but haven’t posted it here yet. It’s a special postcard because it came from a country considered difficult to get a postcard from. Well, not it’s not that difficult because my friend from Baghdad, Milad, sent me two postcards!!! Woohoooooo!! This one I love so much:

Milad said that the postcard shows the beautiful night view of one of the popular streets in Baghdad called Abe Nawas. It is overlooking the mighty Tigris River and is famous for parks, cafes and fish and grill restaurants. The whole stretch of Abe Nawas is illuminated by landscape lights every night… what a pretty sight, isn’t it?

Many thanks for this wonderful postcard, Milad. I hope you received the postcards I sent in exchange 🙂

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