Must. Decide. Soon.

I’m currently having laptop troubles. I’m using my husband’s desktop computer and even if I want to publish advance posts in this blog I could not do so as my scanned postcards and stamps are in the laptop.

Big problem!
My laptop is overheating. Since last week it is making an awful, loud noise. I turn it on and for only 30mins it gets really hot I’m afraid the whole unit would melt! I scoured the computer shops here, and even online, but the spare part – the fan – is proving to be difficult to find. It brings me to the point of getting a new laptop. There may be lots of affordable mini netbooks in the market these days but I’m broke and the money I have now I am saving for a new DSLR. My husband also has desk-work, so I guess we’ll just have to work out something. I only have two choices… wait for the spare part and have the laptop fixed or purchase a new one. Decisions… decisions…

For now, I think this will lesser online presence and blog posts. Just so you all know 🙂

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