Midweek Mails: From the US of A


This week’s Midweek Mails (yup, I’m posting early this week) came from the United States of America – one from the state of New Jersey and the other from Maryland.

I actually received this some weeks ago but hadn’t posted yet. When I went to the Post Office,  I was expecting mails from companies where I requested brochures for computer packages but got more than what I asked for. The brochures also contained prices for wholesale printer services, lol.

It was actually a nice surprise to pick the mails that came from my US-based Miss Igorota sisters at the same time although they were sent separately and at different instances. I received a cute Halloween card from NJ and kawaii goodies from Maryland. Also in the same packet from Maryland is this gorgeous vintage necklace that I won from a blog giveaway promo and which I really like. Thanks Conell and Karen!

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