Midweek Mails: From Mike of Miami

My mail this week came from Miami, Florida. Thanks a lot!
My mail this week came from Miami, Florida. Thanks a lot!

I fell ill – for the second time this year. With flu. Again! 🙁 Flu caused me all sorts of misery – from the coughing to fever, to sore throat and congested nose, to headaches and muscle pains. I don’t take flu shots though even though I wish I did so as to erase all of these symptoms in one shot, you know, just like an anti-virus wiping a hard drive clean.

Since I abhor medicines and antibiotics, my first line of defense to boost my immune system and to fight the flu has always been natural home remedies. I drink lots of fluid, get a lot of rest, eat a lot even if my taste buds aren’t exactly working, and gargle with salt water. It’s the most effective way for getting rid of that stubborn mucus at the back of my throat. So, I’m sorry that I could not update as much as I want to. And while I’m recuperating, my dear husband was kind enough to drop by the Post Office from work. He brought home my mails! Thank you, dearest.

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