Let the stamping begin!

The year 2012 is now well underway – can you believe it?
My brothers have arrived from their three-week holiday and they brought some stuff for me. I’m so excited!

I have so many new things that I’d like to do this year. Like my friend Pinaywifespeaks, I am sort of diversifying my interests this year… aside from two new projects, I’ve taken up… stamping and scrapbooking! A bit of a late-bloomer, yes I am. It’s just that I want to be busier this year. Besides, I’ve always  been crafty but didn’t have the proper shops here in Phnom Penh to get my materials from. So when my husband mentioned he is ordering online a couple of signature stamps, the bulb inside my head suddenly lit up!

I never had stamped before and I thought this is the right time to begin. So, while the husband was busy browsing at the online shop, I was also on the other end of the house with my laptop and ooh-ing and aah-ing at the stamp gallery and decided on getting myself a set of custom stamps that will help kick-start my stamping hobby.

So today, just less than ten days since we placed our oders, the package arrived – hurray! And my, I was so giddy! Can you blame me? This set of stamps is just so tiny… so cute! It’s only for experiment so I’ll see what stuff I can make out of this. If I’m already good at it and developed my own style, I’ll move on to getting the proper things, the materiaIs, you know. I am excited about stamping. It’s something I can do on my free time {apart from blogging, of course} and it’s not an expensive hobby, too. I might even earn money from this, who knows.

Sourcing the materials, I found out,  is not that difficult – you can get them by  just tapping your keyboard. Thank heavens for online shops! Also, one can get a variety of discount stamps from online shops, as well as other scrapbooking materials. If you are a fan of paper products then stamping and scrapbooking might also be for you!

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