Down but not out!

Hey, hey, hey… Today is a good day.
I may have a bad case of cold, cough and sore throat but I am most definitely not out — errr, what I mean is that I didn’t let these ailments disrupt my daily routines. Like today, I went to the Post Office to post overdue mails. It took quicker than I had anticipated so I killed time by going to the thrift shop while waiting for my husband to pick me up.
The new look inside the Japanese thrift shop.

I last visited the shop about a month ago and was surprised to see that they moved things around. From the entrance, as you can see in the pic, the clothes are on the right side neatly arranged in hangers, to the left are the bedsheets and the bags and the hats at the back. The centre ailse leads you to a small room that contains tea cups and glasses of many sorts, including various wine glasses. Not seen in the pic is a small corner displaying discount furniture and several shelves of dinnerwares and cookingwares. From a dimly lit and totally cavernous place where all items were dumped haphazardly, the new arrangement is an A++. We can now enjoy shopping without fear of getting bitten by dengue mosquitoes, brushing elbows with other shoppers, or digging through a messy pile of clothes. It’s well-lighted and ventilated, there’s plenty of aisle space, and most of all, the displays were well-organised. I didn’t get anything but I enjoyed my visit there. Well done!

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