Ciao da una bellisima Citivella Casanova!

The beautiful provioncial town of Citivella Casanova is located in Pescara and home to the wonderful Renaissance Church of Santa Maria della Cona. It is a small town that sits on a hill about 400metres above sea level.
Citivella Casanova has Roman origins and, in medieval documents, was referred to as the Civitellia dell’abbazia, or Abbey’s Civitella.
This is such a beautiful, green landscape of rural Italia. Civitella Casanova offers tourists a pleasant holiday experience, immersed in nature and history. No wonder local and foreign tourists, like the sender of this postcard, flock to see and stay for extended periods of time in this charming little town. Finding accommodations here is amazing, she told me. If you don’t like to stay in hotels, the choices for villas with everything you ever dreamed about are everywhere – stone-houses with breathtaking mountain views, that  also come with rural tranquility. You know, just like those nice vacation homes that she and her husband rented during their US holiday. 
Although the postcard shows the Italian town, the postcard was sent from the Spanish town of Castellon
The stamp above, featuring the Centro Astronomic de Yebes (Yebes Centre of Astronomy, in Guadalajara)  is a self-adhesive stamp and one of the two stamps in the Ciencias de la Terra Y del Universo (Sciences of the Earth and Universe) series issued by the Oficina de Correos Espa├▒oles (Spanish Post Office) in February 2007.

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