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This is another postcard from Botswana from the same sender mentioned in my previous posts. Okay, ladies and gents, just pretend we are on a safari…  So take out  your bushnell binoculars and ready your cameras because here is an amazing wildlife postcard…

ChobeNP, BotswanaFrom left to right: Chacma babboon; Puku; White-fronted Bee-eater; Kudu; Hippo with calf; Lion; buffalo herd; Elephant herd.

The Chobe National Park is one of Botswana’s finest wildlife areas boasting large herds of elephant and buffalo as well as numerous other animal species in a wild, unspoilt habitat.


Long before my sister was assigned for a volunteer-position in Kenya, it was I who was nurturing an ambition to be the  first in my family to ever set foot in the African continent. As a development worker, it was one of my dreams to be working in any African countries. But as luck would have it, my sister beat me to it. Although a volunteer’s life is not comfortable all the time, it has given her the opportunity to see with her own two eyes the many wonderful places, ethnic tribes,  and wildlife animals in Kenya. 

Again, the stamps are the same as the previous Botswana postcards that I posted the past few days – the white-rumped Shama.

ChobeNP, Botswana stamps

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  1. I never encountered the name of the animals here, thanks for sharing this info, this would add me into new things or names? 🙂 visiting you here through Bloggers Exchange

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