Postcard Friendship Friday 074: Belgrade, the City of White

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I’m late, I’m late. I got carried away reading the “tweetings” of THE GOAT, aka, PseudoFed and other parody Twitter accounts of tennis players that I missed yesterday’s PFF. What can I say, it’s the Wimbledon and the slots for the final matches for the gentlemen’s singles and ladies’ doubles were being contested last night. Oddly enough that my reserved emergency Christmas Candy remains unopened despite the exciting action… Lol. 
Anyways, here’s a postcard from Belgrade, Serbia. The hometown of tennis player and world number one Novak Djokovic. He lost to Roger Federer, aka THE GOAT, in last night’s first half of Wimbledon semi-finals. I am no Novak fan but, yeah, you could say that I chose this postcard with him in mind. As a consolation, perhaps.
No info about this view but I am taking a guess that this building can be found in Belgrade’s Republic Square.

Belgrade is the beautiful capital and the largest city in Serbia. It sits strategically at the confluence of Sava and Danube rivers, much similar to Phnom Penh which is also located at the confluence of the mighty Mekong, Tonle Sap and Tonle Bassac. According to Milan the sender, it’s English name is derived from Beli Grad, meaning white city, and is a Slavic name written for the first time in the 9th century. Belgrade is putting its tumultous past behind. These days, the city is a modern metropolis and enjoys a new era of freedom and prosperity.  
Unfortunately, there was no information at the back of the postcard nor from the sender to tell me which building is this.  A quick Google search yielded nothing.  Anyone knows?

Postcard Perfect 049: Colourful Corfu

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Back to joining weekly meme’s again. I hope I can keep up. Here’s my entry for this week:

Corfu is one of the most popular and favourite destinations in Greece and the Greek Islands.
It is a beautiful island, the biggest and the greenest part of the Ionian Islands. It boasts of a beguiling landscape and lush vegetations, amazing beaches, superb venetian architecture, picturesque villages, lively nightlife and a great cosmopolitan way of life.

Sunday Stamps 058: Russell Falls, Tasmania’s pride


I’m joining Viridian’s Sunday Stamps again (theme: scenic natural areas) after several weeks of hiding away under a rock – just kidding about the rock thing ^_^

Russell Falls’ beautiful three-tiers are framed by a lush vegetation.

The above stamp is part of the definitive stamps issued by the Australian Post in 2008. This issue is consisted of four of the stunning natural features found around Australia.

The Russell Falls is located in Mount Field National Park,  one of the oldest and most popular national parks in Tasmania, and is one of the iconic scenic features there. The waterfalls were discovered in 1856. They became a popular tourist attraction in 1885 and the Falls Reserve was established to protect them. In 1916 Mount Field National Park was declared. So scenic are the falls that in 1899 they were selected as one of eight images to be used on postage stamps to promote the colony. The park contains a variety of different habitats and supports many species of wildlife, including the Tasmanian Devil. (Source)

The amazing rock formations of Yehliu in Taiwan

It’s summer and so my featured postcard is none other than the place where most people go at this time of the year … the beach! This beach though is one of a kind…

From the northern coast of Taiwan, the breath-taking view of this coastline serves as the  backdrop of the fascinating albeit bizarre rock formations of Yehliu.

The unique rocks are concentrated at a region called the Yeliu Geopark – a 1,700 meter-long peninsula jutting out into the ocean and dotted with strange rock formation such as mushroom rocks, honeycomb rocks, ginger rock, pothole erosion and other appropriately named oddities. – Source:

The rock formation you see in the postcard above is just one of the countless rock formations that took shape naturally with the aid of the wind and waves for hundreds and thousands of years. Check out this site to see other rock formations in Yehliu.
I’ve seen online some pictures of the other rock formations in Yehliu and I must say they are magnificent! They are truly Taiwan’s natural heritage. The most popular one is called the “Queen’s head” and it does resemble the head of an ancient Egyptian queen. Looking at the rock on the postcard, the thought of a foam mattress keeps popping inside my head, hahaha. Perhaps my mind is telling me about something soft and fluffy compared to the roughness of the rocks.

Postcard Friendship Friday 066: Relax!

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Posting my entry for this week, albeit late 🙂

I think the seal is playfully teasing you! Lol. Stressed much? Roll-over and relaaaaax! Lol.

A cute seal postcard lying on its back came from Germany. It is actually a postcard-sticker, i.e., the each of the pictures can be peeled off and used as a sticker. This is the first time I received a postcard like this!
The text says: Total Im Stress? Entspann dich, Gott hat alles im Griff.
Rough translation: Stressed? Relaxed, everything’s under control.
A lof of us experience stress in many levels, at work, at home, everywhere. A little stress can do us good but too much of it can have devastating effects on our health as well as relationships. Some people experience stress too much to the point that it is killing them… I used to be really stressed out when I was working – with too many deadlines to beat and several officemates who are short on brainwaves contribute to my stressful workplace. I wonder if this kind of stress will be a ground application for a high risk life insurance?
Anyways, just a friendly reminder, kill stress before it kills you!

Postcard Friendship Friday 060: Autumn in Finland

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This is one of the beautiful sights I have ever seen. Autum in Finland looks stunning.  Looking at this postcard, I have this strange urge to to reach out for my fleece jacket… I realise that I am actually imagining and feeling how cold it must be there at this time of the year.

This is an unforgettable view of Parainen, also known by its Swedish name, Pargas. Pargas/Parainen is a city in the province of Western Finland and the only one in Finland that is surrounded by water on all sides. Parainen is also known for its limeworks {you can see the largest open quarry in the Nordic countries there} and Genuine Island Ginger Biscuits. (Source)

Postcard Perfect 037: The Sights of Aix-en-Provence

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Coming all the way from the beautiful south of France, the Aix-en-Provence:

The sights of Aix-en-Provence.

Aix-en-Provence is a lively city 30kms away from Marseille and best known for its thermal hot springs. It also boasts of more than 300days of sunshine. Not surprising that a lot of foreigners chose to live here, including the sender of this postcard, because of the nice weather.

In late June or July, the lavender fields of Aix-en-Provence is one of the main tourist drawers, with the beautiful rows of blue and lavender flowers dominating the landscape. Aix is also known for its art schools and universities that attract thousands of foreign students to the city.

Postcard Perfect 036: Madurodam: Mini-Netherlands!

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This is the world’s smallest city found in the Netherlands – Madurodam:

If I’m in the country with limited time, visiting Madurodam would be the best way for me to see all of Netherlands. All the sights of Netherlands are found here, only on a smaller scale. I’d probably be feeling like Godzilla while strolling in this place.
Madurodam was built in 1952 and named after a student George Maduro, a Jewish from Curacao studying law in the Netherlands. He fought the Nazi ccupation forces as a member of the Dutch resistance and died at Dachau concentration camp in 1945. His parents donated the money to start the Madurodam project.
Here in Madurodam you can see virtually every building, every monument, palace, and tourist attraction (red light district, cheese market, various windmills, and much, much more) of the Netherlands that were recreated in miniature forms, including a railway, a highway, and the Schiphol Airport!

I will definitely write this all down in my wish-list!

Postcard Perfect 035: The New Zealand Experience

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From the capital city of Wellington on the north island of New Zealand comes this fantastic postcard. This is also my tribute to the NZ All Blacks, this year’s Rugby World Cup champions 🙂

Experience New Zealand, a slogan enticing tourists of all ages to a more personalised experience of what NZ has to offer.
Postcard ID: NZ – 6305

Imagine the beautiful setting where the Hollywood movie Lord of the Rings series was filmed, the mecca for thrill-seekers (bungee and base jumping, etc.), the haka, the rich culture, and more! Who doesn’t want to Experience New Zealand?
Dubbed as the country of wonderful contrasts, NZ has cosmopolitan cities, outdoor adventures and magnificent scenery to explore and experience.

Children’s art in Amsterdam

Here’s a very interesting postcard from Amsterdam showing a bit of Dutch culture.

From a distance, they look like presents. While at the fair you can almost touch them. – Esra, 11.
The picture above was taken by one of the children of Johannesschool (John School Foundation) in Osdorp, Amsterdam, in cooperation with Stichting De Bakkerij and the Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam. The children took photographs of themselves and their lives in Osdorp with the aim of promoting a better neighbourhood and a fun, safe place for children.

The photographs of these kids are then displayed to the public in a fair-like event called Foam Osdorp sponsored by the above-mentioned organisations, with balloons and trade show booths and all the fanfare. The sender of this postcard wrote that it is a part of their town’s culture art that children are actively involved. I think this is wonderful – engaging children in activities like this not only achieves the goal but also allowing children to exercise their creativity and learn to socialise with other children in a very positive way and with artistic outputs.