What is wrong with this template?

For the nth time again, my blog links disappeared.  Which leads me to the question – is it Blogger, or, the template itself?

So to my friends, sorry again if my link list is down. It is beyond my control – must be a bug (a recurring bug, if I may say) from Blogger or the template. I really have to change my template – SOON!

Please bear with me.

Sticky Post: Blog links missing again!

… and that’s for the nth time already. @#$!!!

I have no idea what is causing this – a bug in the code (which is impossible because I’ve used this template for more than 2years now and the loss of links just occurred lately) or someone is hacking into my blogger account (I hope not, hacker could’ve erased the whole blog at whim).  Either way, I have already changed my login details and am scouting for a new template around. However, if this continues, I would never hesitate to use this nice pair of equestrian boots to kick your fat behind! Just kidding
, but it really is a pain to lose the blog links that I built over the years.
Compounding the problem is that I could not locate my links file anywhere (gah!). What a day! So if you see that your blog is not on the list, please don’t feel upset. Kindly bear with me as I slowly build my links once more. You can also leave a message (see the contact page in the pages section on the upper right hand side of the homepage), or a comment in one of the posts, with your name and URL and I’d be more than happy to link you up.

Flash news – Rafael Nadal is the new face of Armani!

… err, maybe “body” is the appropriate word.

I was speechless and stupefied when I read the news. The 2010 French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open champion and world number one will model for Giorgio Armani’s men’s underwear. Now that is another way of “looking” at tennis! Tee-hee-hee.

Rafa’s billboards will be put up in February next year (probably it will hit New York first). So dear friends in NY, please be careful when you drive. Look straight and don’t stop and stare at Rafa’s billboards. I am glad that I don’t drive. I am perfectly satisfied at the passenger’s seat – the better I can ogle, err, admire the advert.
Pardon the girlish streak here but I just have to blog about it. Those of you who read my blog know that, aside from postcards and stamps, I also love tennis. In fact I am a huge Rafael Nadal fan. Everything grinds to a halt, and several times forgotten, whenever he is on television. Like when I was being asked about  the epson receipt printer, or the incident when I’d forgotten to put the seasoning for the food I was cooking. Darn.

Photo source here.

That’s what friends are for!

I received these last week but I am still in philatelist’s heaven!
Mailed straight from the Johannesburg’s Oliver R. Tambo International Airport Post Office were two stamped South African postcards and two envelopes containing (one) a map of Botswana and (two) assorted South African mint stamp sheets!

Baie dankie to my very good friend, Fe. It pays to have friends you can bribe — errrrr — scratch that! It pays to have friends, period. Sadly, she and her family have left Africa to be based somewhere in… China! Well, well, well… Chinese stamps are also amazing and there’s this one particular issue that I want to get for my collection… *wink-wink*

Viva, Espana!

This may be a bit late — but hey, better late than never. So here goes…
¡Las felicitaciones para ganar el futbol Copa Mundial! Y para mi amor, Rafael Nadal, para empaquetar el “clay slam” de tenis y Wimbledon. ¡Esto es el año de los deporte Españoles! 
I hope it sounded right. If not, my dear Spanish friends, you are welcome to correct me.
As I mentioned above, this year proves to be a great year for Spanish sports — at least where football and tennis are concerned. This year, I witnessed how Rafa dominated his opponents in both clay and grass courts,  showing everyone why he is the best defensive and offensive player in tennis! As to the World Cup finals, the Netherlands played a roughshod game but the Spanish squad showed them how it should be done – playing aggressively but staying true to the spirit of sportsmanship. The roughness and toughness of football was terrifying to watch but I bet these professional players each have a disability insurance to fall back on.  I read over a sports site that Rafa, fresh from a quick holiday after winning the Wimbledon, flew to South Africa to watch the finals. With such a show of support from Rafa, he may have indirectly inspired the Spanish team… who knows? 
I’d like to bask in the festive atmosphere as I, too, rooted for Spain. Today, albeit late, I selected a postcard from Spain from among my collection that are waiting to be posted here. The view is not exactly related to sports mentioned above, but it is a greeting card. The message says Happy Festivals… for sure the whole entire country of Spain is in a fiesta-mode and has every reason to celebrate this triumphant feat and to last for as long as they want to!

Sent by Cristina
Postmarked Valladolid
18 – July – 2008

This is the Castillo Palacio de Cuéllar, or the Castle of the Dukes of Albuquerque, the most prominent landmark in the province of Segovia, in the autonomous region of Castilla y León. It is a very impressive castle, built between 13th and 14 century with a mixture of gothic and renaissance architectural styles, that sits on top of hills of Cuéllar. The fortified wall itself is impressive and is currently undergoing rehabilitation.  Categorised as a Cultural through the Spanish  Historical Heritage’s Law 16/1985 of 25 June, it is a protected cultural interest owing to its historical and artistic values reflecting traditional heritage and marked value of antiquity. 
The castle was once a military building but in the 16th century it was converted and became a castle-palace owned by the Duke of Albuquerque and their descendants for centuries. In the 19th century, during the War of Independence, the French troops stormed and looted the castle and was used as barracks. At present, the  castle is housing a school facility and a museum that attracts thousands of tourists every year.
The stamps are definitive and shows the same castle, Castillo Palacio de Cuéllar. The stamps are from a 3-stamp series issued in 2003 depicting Castles in Spain under the theme of Architecture.

Problematic ISP

Darn this ISP technical support. Or the lack thereof.
If they continue to provide a lousy service we will surely get another ISP. Yes, this explains why I was “absent” from the blogosphere since Friday night.  Gah, let’s talk about something else, otherwise I would be so effing mad I would be needing wrinkle creams so soon *knocks on wood*.

So last weekend my husband and I went about our regular routine – groceries, post office (I have a small packet from Croatia and two beautiful postcards from Indonesia!!!), and brunch at one of our favorite places, the Green Vespa. Back home we just spent the weekend chillaxing, with some oldies music in the background and wine and cheese in the evening. I just love weekends, it allows my husband and I to go to places and do things together… you know, some R and R after a hectic work-week. Well, I hope you had a lovely weekend, too, and I wish you’ll have another great week ahead. 

Nina, terimah kasih!
Tomi, puno hvala!
In the meantime, I’ll run along now and I have some scanning duties to do. Please come back later on to see my new posts. Toodles.

Postcards later today…

I was meaning to post yesterday but there was a wedding ceremony going on about six doors down from our apartment. And do you know how wedding ceremonies are done in Cambodia?  They’re just impossible to miss. The family of the bride sets up tent right in the street (cutting it to one lane only or entirely covering it) and the ceremony is accompanied by loud music (recorded or otherwise) and orations of the wedding “priest”. Unlike in the Western weddings, guests are not expected to give wedding gifts to the newly-weds but they are required to offer cash donations instead upon arrival. This is to help offset the families wedding expenses. The celebration lasted till late last night (public dance) and, although I didn’t mind the noise, the music was torturing me and my eardrums. I couldn’t even hear the proceedings anymore  at the Wimbledon match I was watching. Drat. Good thing my boy, Rafael Nadal, won it. 
I’ll try to scan some postcards and post them a little later today. Toodles.

Goodies from Ms. Firefly

Hey, hey, I’m back!
This week, my friend from university is coming over Phnom Penh for a visit. I’m so busy preparing our guest-room and excited, at the same time, because it will be our first time see each other again after 8 years (ish). She’s celebrating her birthday this month, and to commemorate this important milestone, she embarked on a two-week backpacking adventure of Thailand and Cambodia. Alone. Way to go, girl!

As of this writing, she is now on a bus to Siem Reap where she’ll stay for a couple of days to see the world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Site in the country, the Angkor Wat Temples, before coming to meet me here in the capital. She’s so eager about her trip that she brought along vitamins to give her extra energy as she goes temple-hopping a la Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider movie fame… and who wouldn’t be excited? I mean, visiting Angkor Wat is THE highlight of every tourist’s visit to Cambodia. I hope she didn’t forget to pick up the prenatal vitamins that my mother sent for me. Sorry to disappoint you, friends, but the vitamins aren’t for me. Yet. It’s a favour for a friend. Tee-hee-hee.

Anyways, as promised, here are the sweet stuffs that are inside the packet that arrived weeks ago from the Firefly Express. Okay, so what did I get?  Baker’s twine, eco cotton tape and fabric label that I ordered from her Etsy store  and – guess what – she surprised me by adding some bits and bobs all of which are awesome. Ain’t I one lucky gal to have a sweet friend like her? See below what other things she added 🙂

1 – gift tags
2 – 2 spools of baker’s twine
3 – greeting/note cards
4 – Eco cotton tape
5 – party flag fabric labels
6 – vintage postcard
7 – her cute name card
8 – handwritten thank you card – I heart!

Look here how she lovingly wrapped them in one packet:

I love-love-love it! It’s been awhile since I last receive a packet as wonderful as this. Please go and have a look at her Etsy shop, swannandsmerlin.

Thank you. Madamo guid nga salamat, Odette.

I’ve got mail today!

Yes, I’ve got postcards in my mailbox today and I’m so happy. After missing last Wednesday’s lunch out with my friends, getting something from the post office was more than enough to make my day!

These are from a sweet lad named Bora; he also sent me the Olympics postcard months ago. Bora and I used to work together in two NGOs before he got accepted at an American university to pursue a masters degree under a scholarship. He always makes it a point to send me postcards whenever he travels. As I was looking at his photo albums in Facebook, I couldn’t help but admire how this young Cambodian lad had adjusted and coped really well in the US. Where before he wears conservative clothes, such as jeans and polo shirts (with rolled up sleeves) he told me  he now has developed a liking for hip hop clothing. I can see that very well from his  recent pictures!

Anyways, the yellow paper is a Post Office note for a registered packet. This time, it’s from Tomi, a fellow postcard/stamp collector from Croatia, who is now a very good pal of mine. The staff at the registered mails department had already gone for their lunch break when I came so this had to wait till Monday. I think I know already what’s inside *excited* Thanks, Tomi… and Bora.

How about you, are you happy about something this week?

Firefly express@!

The Firefly Express has landed – all the way from Dublin, Ireland to Phnom Penh, Cambodia! A packet containing paper craft items and more is finally here with me. Thanks, Little Ms. Firefly! I couldn’t contain myself from getting my hands on these cool stuffs.

Photos to share next time. Too excited to even take a photo! hihihi.