Breaking out of the blogging doldrums

I feel like this from time to time; perhaps several times a year. It can be difficult to get out of this funk when all I want to do is just laze around the house.

I  was excited when Postcrossing published an interview featuring the creator of Lali cards. I was compelled out of my doldrums to blog about it because — Lali cards.

You see, I never owned any Lali card but I’m such a big fan! Which is a shame, to be honest. I want them but couldn’t get them anywhere here in Phnom Penh or other Asian countries.  Apparently, Lali cards are only available in certain European countries. *insert a sad face here*

Don’t know what a Lali card is? Well, you must have been living under a rock! Lali card designs are like normal cards only that it has riddles on them. The designs are playful, vibrant, whimsical and appeal to people of all ages. As I’ve said, every card  has a riddle written in front that needs to be solved. They’re in French but they’re a lot of fun even for non-French speakers like me. Every card design has fantastic details – I can only hope to draw like this!

Postcrossing has done a wonderful feature about Lali.It was nice getting to know the person behind these most-desired cards in their Postcrossing profiles. Hers is a story of heart, passion, and of course, hard work. How wonderful it was to read about her beginnings,  an affirmation that dreams do come true. That is, through hard work, perseverance, a burning passion, and a little dash of luck, too. Such an inspiration to girls and boys out there who are nurturing similar dreams.

To mark this occasion, Lali and Postcrossing joined together to give a chance to Postcrossing members to win – not one – but a whole set of Lali cards! How great was that? Of course, I had to join. I felt that lady luck was whispering in my ear so I dropped my name and comment there. I felt so giddy at the little voice in my head telling me that it would be awesome to win the Lali cards of my dreams.

And here’s an update:

Two weeks or so passed after that,  I opened an email from Postcrossing and — lo and behold! I read the most pleasant news evah! Ana told me that I was among the three Postcrossing members who have won the Lali cards giveaway. I was so happy I almost did cartwheels if not for my pet dogs blocking  my way, lol.

So just to humble-brag a bit, let me show you my  precious Lali cards.

My precious Lali cards! Some of them are going to be sent to dear family and friends :)
My precious Lali cards! Some of them are going to be sent to dear family and friends 🙂

I also have to mention the lovely handwritten note from the Postcrossing team 🙂 Thank you, Postcrossing! Thank you, Lali!

Midweek Mail: Surprises!

I knew there’s always a good reason to drop by the Post Office and check my mailbox. Call it intuition, yeah, could be. But what happened is that I had a good feeling about going to the Post Office last Friday. Since it wasn’t in our scheduled errands, my husband was a bit irked that I asked him to drive a little further, to the Post Office. Unscheduled trips like this annoy my husband since we had to make a detour to the Post Office which is out of the way of the spare parts shop area where we were headed for a single piece of eye bolt that’s missing in his tool box. Turned out my instinct was right. Two postcards came unexpectedly from two good friends and the parcel from Turkey arrived! Happy head here.

These contain beautiful yarns from Turkey. A friend and I share this purchase. You won't believe how much we bought these for...  :)
These contain beautiful yarns from Turkey. A friend and I share this purchase. You won’t believe how much we bought these for…  🙂

Midweek Mails: From the US of A


This week’s Midweek Mails (yup, I’m posting early this week) came from the United States of America – one from the state of New Jersey and the other from Maryland.

I actually received this some weeks ago but hadn’t posted yet. When I went to the Post Office,  I was expecting mails from companies where I requested brochures for computer packages but got more than what I asked for. The brochures also contained prices for wholesale printer services, lol.

It was actually a nice surprise to pick the mails that came from my US-based Miss Igorota sisters at the same time although they were sent separately and at different instances. I received a cute Halloween card from NJ and kawaii goodies from Maryland. Also in the same packet from Maryland is this gorgeous vintage necklace that I won from a blog giveaway promo and which I really like. Thanks Conell and Karen!

Midweek Mails: From Mike of Miami

My mail this week came from Miami, Florida. Thanks a lot!
My mail this week came from Miami, Florida. Thanks a lot!

I fell ill – for the second time this year. With flu. Again! 🙁 Flu caused me all sorts of misery – from the coughing to fever, to sore throat and congested nose, to headaches and muscle pains. I don’t take flu shots though even though I wish I did so as to erase all of these symptoms in one shot, you know, just like an anti-virus wiping a hard drive clean.

Since I abhor medicines and antibiotics, my first line of defense to boost my immune system and to fight the flu has always been natural home remedies. I drink lots of fluid, get a lot of rest, eat a lot even if my taste buds aren’t exactly working, and gargle with salt water. It’s the most effective way for getting rid of that stubborn mucus at the back of my throat. So, I’m sorry that I could not update as much as I want to. And while I’m recuperating, my dear husband was kind enough to drop by the Post Office from work. He brought home my mails! Thank you, dearest.

Midweek Mails

Has anyone been following tennis news lately? Did you know that Spain is through to another Davis Cup final? Yes they are, thanks to the efforts of the Spanish Armada. I think they did great even with Rafael Nadal’s absence. Well done! They will face the Czech Republic in November.

Also, does anybody here know that the US Open has a new champion? Yes, Andy Murray of Great Britain finally won his first grand slam title after beating world number 1 and topseed Novak Djokovic in a thrilling five-set match. Whew. That was a madcap tennis action, really, especially that my audio system was not functioning well 🙁 Someone said I need a m box or something, the name escapes me now. Drat. If only I listened right away, I would have enjoyed listening to the tennis commentators and analysts more during the Andy-Nole finals match.

Enough of the tennis blab. All I want to do is to post this picture of postcards that I collected last week. I think I’m going to start a new meme and it’s going to be called “Midweek Mail”. Show us a photo of the mails and postcards you receive in the previous (or current) week and write a line or two for description. How about that, is that interesting or what? Well, to start the ball rolling, here is my Midweek Mail:

Thank you, my friends: Ana, My World of Postcards; Danut, World, Come to My Home; and my best friend Macel.
Thank you, my friends: Ana, My World of Postcards; Danut, World, Come to My Home; and my best friend Macel.

I received three Touchnote postcards (the two Rafa postcards from Ana, of course, and the sepia postcard showing a traditional costume, from Dan), a postcard from Mexia (again, from Ana) and the last, but not the least, a multi-view postcard of Skiathos, Greece from Macel. Thank you, my friends, from the bottom of my heart. They always remember me when they go on holiday overseas. God bless the three of you 🙂

Sweet stuff

A delightful surprise was waiting for me at the Post Office this morning!!!

Miss Igorota is carefully reading the notes on the parcel and smiled at me. The goodies came from Conniechiwa (Writings on the Wall)!

The packet’s filled with stuff that I really love! Without further prodding from me, Miss Iggy helped me in opening the packet. Excited much?!?

A scrapbooking kit by Mary Engelbreit. No more #noynoying anymore. There’s scrapping to do!
There’s a cuuute birthday card (I wonder whose is it for, hmmm 😛), a lovely, lovely scrapbooking kit from Mary Engelbreit, a huge world map from NatGeo, and a pack of chocolates (soon to be in my tummy, lol), too!!

Conn, you are very thoughtful and I’m humbled by your generosity. Madamo guid nga salamat! You surely know how to spoil a girl on her special day ^.^

Must. Decide. Soon.

I’m currently having laptop troubles. I’m using my husband’s desktop computer and even if I want to publish advance posts in this blog I could not do so as my scanned postcards and stamps are in the laptop.

Big problem!
My laptop is overheating. Since last week it is making an awful, loud noise. I turn it on and for only 30mins it gets really hot I’m afraid the whole unit would melt! I scoured the computer shops here, and even online, but the spare part – the fan – is proving to be difficult to find. It brings me to the point of getting a new laptop. There may be lots of affordable mini netbooks in the market these days but I’m broke and the money I have now I am saving for a new DSLR. My husband also has desk-work, so I guess we’ll just have to work out something. I only have two choices… wait for the spare part and have the laptop fixed or purchase a new one. Decisions… decisions…

For now, I think this will lesser online presence and blog posts. Just so you all know 🙂

ClipArt Source.

Monday mails

I went to the Post Office today to check if the ps3 hdmi cables I ordered online have already arrived. I bought it on behalf of my landlord’s son who recently received a PS3 on his 16rh birthday. He needed extra cables and since it is not available anywhere in the city, he asked me to help him purchase online.  Anyhoo, since I was at the Post Office, I also mailed the following postcards:

postcards for mailing

If I remember it correctly, there were two official Postcrossing postcards and four private swaps. I won’t name who the recipients are for  these private swaps to keep them guessing and build excitement, in case they come back to this blog 🙂 Anyways, you know who you are, so, keep your fingers crossed!

Pardon the mess

I got really fed up with my old template – or perhaps it is a bug that caused the issue? My entire blog links in the sidebar vanished again. Inexplicably. If I am not mistaken, this is the fifth time it happened this year alone and it’s driving me nuts.


So I decided, in as much as I love my blog header (I made it myself!huhuhu), I have decided to do a template make-over and the new one looks like it won’t be needing it. Fine, as long as my blog links are okay, I’m willing to trade my precious header for that. I might use it again one day, who knows, so I’ll just keep it somewhere safe for now.


As you can see, the new template is now in place, however,  it is far from being complete yet. I still need to do a bit of code-tweaking to have the kind of “blog look” that I want. There are still a lot of codes to tweak, but they’re minor ones, so I’m going to make this slow and sweet. Although I don’t mind putting all 50+ links again, it is a very tedious chore, and very time consuming, too. But because I love you all, dear friends, so I’m going to put it back again.


Whatever links I have there is what I have managed to saved in a file  and is not the complete list. So please excuse me if your blog is not in the current list yet.  Instead of going postal, kindly leave your links in the comment section if you still want to be included, or, send me a message via the contact form that you can find under the pages section on the sidebar.