The Gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral

From Vienna, Austria here’s a postcard of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral:

Stephansdom, or St. Stephen’s Cathedral, in Vienna, Austria.
Stephansdom, or St. Stephen’s Cathedral, in Vienna, Austria.

I’ve met a few young Austrian backpackers before when I was in Siem Reap (home of the Angkor Wat) and asked them what’s the famous landmark in Vienna. All answered the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. According to them, it is a landmark not to be missed. It is the heart of Vienna and has been It is quite an impressive structure, a combination of Gothic and Romanesque architectural styles. This Catholic cathedral houses a treasure trove of artworks – the red-marble sepulchre of Emperor Frederick III, the gothic stone pulpit made by Anton Pilgram, the gothic-winged altar-piece of Wiener Neustadt, and the tomb of Prince Eugene of Savoy.

I’m amazed at how well-traveled this youngsters are. They leave school for year, also known as gap year, and their parents sort of provide debit cards for teenagers to see the world while they’re still young. If only my parents were that rich and let us do the same as these Western kids, it would’ve been the best gift they could ever give to me!

Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
Postmarked, München, Germany
Dated 18 November 2008

When we hear the word Oktoberfest, the first thing that ever comes to our minds is beer … Bavarian beer!! Oktoberfest is Munich’s most popular festival, and is also the world’s largest public festival held every year. Millions of beer-drinkers gather in this Bavarian city and guzzle more than 6.6million Maß (one liter beer mug) of beer. Now that is probably a world record! The postcard above is a perfect picture showing us what Oktoberfest is all about.

To those who are planning to take part in the Oktoberfest fever and experience the Wiesn mood, the next Oktoberfest will be from September 14 to October 4, 2009.

This was sent to me by a nice German lady, Birgit, who recently graduated from university. Birgit, good luck on your job-hunting!!

Sta. Monica Church, Capiz, Philippines

sta.monica church, panay, capiz

Postmarked Kearney, New Jersey, USA
10 November 2008
Sta. Monica Church, Panay, Capiz

Sent to me by my fellow Capiznon Fortuitous Faery who is now based in New Jersey, USA. She makes her own photos into postcards – which is a great idea! I share her frustration of having no postcards about Capiz that are available in the Philippines. So from now on, I’ll take more photos of my hometown in Capiz the next time I return, and with a little Photoshop editing, send it out as postcards to friends and fellow members of Postcrossing.


Faenza, Italy

These are the first two postcards I have ever received from Postcrossing (private swap). The sender, Roberta, is from Faenza, Italy.

Faenza, a town about 50kms away from Bologna, a wonderful city of art noted for its exquisite pottery production, especially during the Renaissance period.

Lugo Antica, Italy
Postmarked Bologna
22 October 2008

The above place, Lugo Antica, is just a few miles away from Roberta and she says she loves to go there as a flea market opens there in the main square once a month. I love flea markets, too, Roberta! I guess we would make a good shopping partners 🙂mountain flower, italyPostmarked Bologna
23 October 2008

Mountain flower, taken in Trentino Alto Adige, by Roberta herself while on holiday there. Aside from her passion for postcards, she is so much into photography. She loves taking pictures of flowers. I love it, and if I am not mistaken, it’s not found here in Asia.