Another gym soon to open in the Penh

I stole a shot this morning, taken from our veranda.

Looks like the gym and spa that is being constructed a stone’s throw away from our apartment is nearly finished. It boasts of a well-equipped gym, a tennis court, two swimming pools, squash and badminton courts, and massage and spa parlours. The other day while I was walking the dogs I saw men unloading various gym equipments from a huge container van. Soon, the spa will be fitted next and wherever they plan to buy their spa decorations they should bear in mind their signature style and match their interiors. Yes, to  buy spa coverup to the seating and accessories, it has to be consistent with their style. Otherwise, it will just be like any other spas that are pretentious.

The lot where this building now stands used to be vacant since 2006, even before the time when we moved in this area. It was covered in grass where snakes and giant rats and other creatures lived. During the rainy season, the whole lot is filled with water and we could hear an orchestra of frogs. In 2010, it was rumoured that an English school would be built there. Obviously, it didn’t push through. Instead, a gym will soon open and our neighbourhood will be busier than ever. The place looks like this (see photo), as of this morning.

Anyways, I’m getting ahead here. I think it will take around 3months to finally complete everything in the gym. But, you know what, I think it is terrific to have this facility right where I live! No more expensive tuk-tuks and traveling across town, thank you! Plus, I heard that there will also be a mini-mart and a coffee shop in the same building. Cool! But what would make it even cooler if yoga or pilates would be offered here, too.

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