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D is for Dogs.

In my years of living here in Cambodia, one of the things that keep homesickness away are my dogs. I have three – Maxx, Joe, and Red. Aren’t they cute?

Maxx, 9 yrs. old.
Maxx, 9 yrs. old.
Joe, 5 yrs old.
Joe, 5 yrs old.
red and his bike
Red, nearly 1 yr. old.


Since my husband and I do not have kids yet, our pet dogs keep us on our toes. The first two, Maxx and Joe, were bought at a local pet shop here. Red, on the other hand, is an offspring of Joe from a summer fling last year. All three dogs were properly vaccinated and trained. They are well-behaved dogs, not picky eaters and they keep us company – and a great one at that – whenever I or my husband is away on a trip. The love their morning walks, ball chases, belly-rubs, and always get excited with their treats.

One dilemma we face every holiday is that, for the past three years, we have avoided going away as we do not have anyone to mind the dogs. Good thing there are now kennel facilities, or pet-sitting services, in the city.

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  1. Hi there! I live in the UK. I have one cat, Milla (!0) and one dog, Lola (5) who is my assistance dog. Lola is a mini Australian labradoodle, and she has been trained to alert me to low blood sugar. I have no warning symptoms and my sugar level drops incredibly quickly leaving me at risk of falling unconscious, especially at night. She has saved my life many times at night, and during the day she is always there telling me if things aren’t right. She has learned all by herself different ways of telling me if I’m not paying attention, or perhaps my blood sugar is too low to take notice, she escalates her alerts, from nudging, pawing, little ‘talk growls’ to doing a dance on her back legs, and in an emergency, dashing off to tell someone else. She is gorgeous and I love her to bits! Liz, http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com PS on my blog there are stories about Lola at the top.

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