1940s Gal Pals

Wow – look at what I found in the mail:                                                           

Gal Pals
Gal Pals, Women’s Friendship and Association. The White Plains Bridge Club, Greene County, Georgia, 1941.

Dear Ana…

I had a wonderful afternoon of bridge with the girls today. I had terrible cards, but the company was great, though, and we all had a good time chatting about baking cakes and sewing, our devotion to our dear husbands as well as how to increase breast milk production, which, of course, drew a lot of laughters. Wishing you were here. Now I got to go and start making dinner for my dear R… 



No, no, no.. that’s not the real message at the back of the card. That’s just how I imagined the message I would be writing to a friend had I been one of the bridge players! *lol* Not many knew of this but I have a strong interest in the past, and I find it fun to wind the clock backwards from time to time and revisit how it was like back then. This postcard was taken in 1941, and, although in a different era, it reminded me of a BBC Wales production I watched just recently. Called the “CoalHouse“, it featured three modern-day families transported back into the South Wales coalfield of 1927, leaving behind all the modern-day luxuries and lifestyle for a basic miner’s cottage with a shared toilet and no electricity and running water. It is a fascinating look at how families lived at that time and a serious look at how coal mining operated, and how it affects the lives of the families involved. A must-watch production, so go find a copy from your nearest DVD shops.

This postcard was one of the free extra goodies that were included in my purchase at the swannandsmerlin store at etsy.com. She has some of the cutest paper products around so if you need something, please visit her etsy store. Thanks, Odette!

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  1. ooooh, im glad you had a great time…im just trying to guess which one is you…you have changed so much since last time i saw you 😛 <br /><br />It really is a great card!<br /><br />And speaking of the &quot;CoalHouse&quot;…havent watched it…but i often wonder myself, about people who lived back then, when there were none of these modern technologies, like computers, cell-phones, internet,

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